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Goldendoodle Boarding Grayslake 

Goldendoodle Boarding Grayslake

Goldendoodles–a mix between the poodle and golden retriever–are intelligent and social animals that are beloved by all. These dogs tend to be friendly, athletic, and (because they don’t shed much) are good for people with mild allergies. They even make great service animals. When you go out of town, you want to know that your Goldendoodle pup is well taken care of. Finding a trustworthy boarding facility can be stressful, but Happy Pup Manor takes out the guesswork. Our luxury dog boarding in Grayslake will give your Goldendoodle a vacation of their own while you’re away, with 5-acres of fully-fenced outdoor play space.

Why Choose Boarding?

When going away on vacation, it can be tempting to try and bring your pets along for the journey. Not only is it difficult to find a hotel that you can bring your pup along in, but the actual logistics of caring for a dog on the move can get complicated. Additionally, bringing your dog on vacation leaves you with the risk that he or she can get out and become lost in an unfamiliar place. Finding the right boarding facility will allow you to relax on your trip, knowing that your pup is safe and cared for.

What Do I Need to Do Before Pick Up?

If you’ve never boarded your dog before, there are a few things you should know about getting your pup ready for pick up. Happy Pup Manor offers complimentary chauffeur services for dogs in the Chicagoland area, which means that you won’t need to worry about how to get your pup to our dog hotel. The AKC recommends preparing identification, emergency contact information, and comforting items for your dog before boarding. Sending your pup with a favorite toy or one of your T-shirts is a great way to reduce their stress while in a new place. 

If your pup has special boarding needs, you may also wish to discuss them with us ahead of time. For instance, your dog may have regular medication that they will need to have sent with them. Touching base with your vet can help ensure that your pet is prepared. This is also a good opportunity to secure a copy of your pup’s vaccination records, if you don’t already have them; these are needed when booking a reservation with Happy Pup Manor.

Making a Reservation with Happy Pup Manor

Making sure that your dog is safe and comfortable can be a big part of preparing to go out of town. Happy Pup Manor’s luxury dog hotel in Grayslake makes it easy, providing everything from complimentary chauffeur services to baths before your pup heads home. We specialize in doodles, retrievers, and smaller breeds, so you know that your Goldendoodle will have plenty of friends to play with during their stay. To learn more or make a reservation, contact us today.