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Dog Training Park Ridge

Your dog may be the center of your life, a part of your family, or your best friend. But most dogs—even the best ones!—struggle with certain behavior issues without training. For example, a dog may fail to listen to commands, may have accidents in the house, or may chew your favorite personal items. Fortunately, all of these behaviors and others are correctable with dog training. Park Ridge dog trainers at Happy Pup Manor can start working with your dog today. Give us a call directly to learn more about our services and how we can help.

Types of Training Programs We Offer

At Happy Pup Manor, we offer four different dog training programs.

  • Behavior training. Most pups come to us for just the basic training program. Our behavior training program lasts for 10 days, four weeks, or eight weeks. Our 10-day program is a perfect foundation that can help your dog or puppy learn basic skills, like housetraining and easy commands. As our programs get longer, dogs learn more and are more likely to retain those skills for life. With our longer programs, we work with your dog to teach a variety of obedience commands and to correct or instill manners, including walking on a leash, housetraining, crate training, barking, jumping, and counter-surfing. 
  • Service dog training. If your dog has already gone through our eight-week behavior program and is at least nine months old, they may qualify for our service dog training program. This program is for those who need a service dog to help them with a disability. 
  • Emotional support animal training. Many animals are emotional support animals and provide comfort and companionship to their human partners. It’s important that any animal that’s a registered emotional support animal is well-trained, as these animals are often in public places. 
  • Therapy dog training. While emotional support dogs provide comfort to their owners, therapy dogs provide comfort to their owners. These dogs should, at the very least, complete an eight-week obedience program. 

Types of Breeds We Work with

While we love all dogs, at Happy Pup Manor, we only work with certain dog breeds—doodles, goldens, and some small breed dogs. By working with only a few specific breed types, we are able to really understand these dogs’ behaviors and tailor our training for these breeds, improving its efficacy. 

What to Expect During Training

Whether you enroll your dog in our 10-day, four-week, or eight-week training program, you can expect your dog to return home to you with some big improvements in behavior. In addition to training, your dog will also have access to lots of space for playing, plenty of playtime, and cuddles and love from our staff.

Enroll in Dog Training Park Ridge Today

If you are the owner of a new dog, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your pup is to enroll them in dog training. At Happy Pup Manor, we offer services for dog training, Park Ridge, that get results. You can enroll Fido today by calling us directly at your convenience.