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Dog Training Long Grove

Dog Training Long Grove

Happy Pup Manor is proud to offer some of the best dog training in Long Grove and the surrounding areas. Since we specialize in doodles and a select variety of other small breeds, our trainers can refine their training skills and offer specialized training explicitly geared towards these breeds. When your pup joins our training programs, we provide them with the foundational training they need for a lifetime of good manners and excellent behavior.

General Training Programs

The training programs at Happy Pup Manor are unique because we welcome pups into our home to train. When your puppy comes to stay with us, they are treated as a member of our family from the time they arrive until they are back in your arms. We offer training programs in a variety of lengths depending on what your training goals are. Pups can stay for as short as ten days for a foundational program, or up to eight weeks or longer for those looking for more intensive training. Regardless of the program length you choose, your pup will receive one hour of one-on-one training each day they are with us in addition to daily group training. We also give the pups a break with supervised playtime in our large, fenced-in yard. Since your puppy is trained in our home, they learn in an environment similar to their house, meaning skills will easily transfer when they return to your family.

Specialty Dog Training in Long Grove

In addition to our general training programs, Happy Pup Manor also offers unique programs for those looking for service dog, therapy dog, and emotional support animal training. We have qualified trainers on-site to perform this training and who help you reach your particular training goals.

  • Service Dog Training: Service dog training is one of the most intensive training programs Happy Pup Manor offers. First, your pup will participate in a 28-day obedience training program. If your family maintains this training once this program is completed, your pup will return for an 8-week training focused on service dog-specific goals. 
  • Therapy Dog Training: Happy Pup Manor’s therapy dog training near Long Grove consists of an 8-week program. To begin, your pup will join a 4-week program when they are eight weeks old. Once this program is completed, they join your family before returning for the last four weeks when they are between 10 to 11 months old. We place great emphasis on obedience and help pups to learn to work around disturbances such as sensory distractions, food, and toys. In addition, your pup will learn to interact with people in a stress-free manner.
  • Emotional Support Animal Training: Emotional support training takes a specific temperament and attitude. Happy Pup Manor can help you choose the best breed and pup for training. Once the selected puppy reaches eight weeks old, they will stay at the Manor for 4-week obedience training that focuses on general commands and ESA-specific behaviors.

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