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Dog Training Grayslake

For many people, dogs are more than just a pet. Dogs are the loyal companions that you adopt into your home as family. However, some dogs also have special jobs that require expert training, such as therapy and emotional support dogs. At Happy Pup Manor, we provide dog and puppy training in luxury, so you know that your furry friends are in the best hands as they take on everything from house training and basic commands to preparing to become an Emotional Support Animal.

Happy Pup Manor specializes in working with doodles, retrievers, and smaller breeds in a home environment, ensuring that your pup’s stay will be both fun and productive. If you have one of these breeds and are looking for dog training in the Grayslake area, our trainers are available to help.

Why Choose Professional Pup Training?

Training a new dog or puppy is a top priority when you’ve first brought this new friend into your home. A professional can help make this transition as seamless as possible, taking stress off of both you and your pup. Not only do professional trainers have the know-how to reinforce positive behaviors in your pup, but bringing your dog to training classes can help them socialize with other people and dogs. 

Corrects Behavior: Perhaps you’ve brought home a new puppy and, despite your best efforts, house training just isn’t getting through to them. Sometimes it just takes a little more thorough understanding of canine behavior to get through to your pup. Professionals know the best methods to not only correct bad behavior, but promote good behavior in your dog. A dog trainer interviewed by the New York Times says that hiring a trainer isn’t a failure on your part, “it’s a sign that you deeply love and value your dog and want to have a better relationship.”

Encourages Socialization: Bringing your dog to a professional trainer is a great way to expose them to new people and dogs. At Happy Pup Manor near Grayslake, our live-in facilities will help your dog relax in a home environment while they meet other pups who are here to learn. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), proper socialization is a key part of your dog’s development. Puppies who attended training classes are overall less nervous and experience less separation anxiety than those who didn’t. 

Teaches Special Roles: If you plan to find an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Therapy Dog, you’ll need to consult a professional. It takes a special dog to become an ESA or Therapy Dog, and our experienced team can help you choose a puppy that’s right for the job. From there, our special training courses will prepare your pup for a lifetime of companionship while performing this unique job.

Dog Training with Happy Pup Manor

Whether you’ve just brought home a new dog or puppy or are actively looking for an Emotional Support Animal, our expert team at Happy Pup Manor can help. Our dog training services near Grayslake ensure that your pup will live in luxury while learning and socializing with other friendly dogs. To learn more or schedule a visit, contact us today.