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Dog Training Evanston

Being a pet parent is a very rewarding experience. Dogs can provide a sense of comfort and a source of entertainment, teach young kids about responsibility, and often begin to feel more like family members than pets. But dogs also often suffer from behavior issues or poor manners that make living under the same roof challenging. For young pups and dogs, Happy Pup Manor offers dog training, Evanston. Our dog training gets results with proven methods and personalized attention. Call our team today to learn more. 

What Are the Advantages of Dog Training?

Investing in training for your four-legged friend may be one of the best things you ever do. Whether you’re just hoping that Fido will learn basic skills or are hoping to train a future service dog or therapy dog, training can help. Dog training can instill good behaviors that lead to greater amounts of peace in your home and respect between you and your pup. Dog training can also save you money in the long run—you may not have to replace carpets or chewed-up furniture as a result! Finally, when you go to the park, the dog-friendly brewery, or have guests over, you can take comfort in knowing that your pup will be on their best behavior thanks to training. 

What Types of Behaviors Will My Dog Learn?

At Happy Pup Manor, we want to make sure that we send your pup home with some good behaviors instilled. Types of behaviors that we work on include jumping, counter surfing, crate training, barking, puppy biting, walking on a leash, and house training. In terms of specific commands, we’ll teach your dog sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and place. These behaviors and commands are foundational, and can be built on if you decide to seek more intensive training at a later date. Please note that we primarily work with doodle and retriever breeds. 

A Day in the Life: What Your Dog Will Do at Happy Pup Manor

When your pup stays with us, they’ll enjoy personalized training, group training, lots of playtime with other pups, and plenty of care and love from our trainers (and animal lovers!). We have 10-day, four-week, and eight-week training programs available. Your dog can stay right at our manor during the course of the training, and we’ll handle mealtimes, playtimes, exercise, and making sure that what’s learned in training is reinforced throughout their stay. 

How to Learn More About Dog Training Evanston

Having a well-trained dog speaks volumes about both you and your pup, and shows that you’re serious about the responsibilities of being a pet owner. At Happy Pup Manor, our trainers know how to get results and have great customer reviews. Our intimate, personalized training experience is exactly what your pup needs to thrive. To learn more about our different training programs, our prices, and what you can expect from dog training, Evanston, call us directly today. We look forward to talking with you more about your goals and needs.