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Dog Training Deerfield

Training a dog is a lot of work. But whether you’re bringing a new puppy home for the first time or opened your home to a dog a while ago, training is inevitably something you’ll need to invest time in. Dog training helps to establish good behaviors for life—something that can be meaningful for both you and your pup. At Happy Pup Manor, we offer comprehensive programs for dog training, Deerfield, and use methods that get results. To learn more about our dog and puppy training programs, please reach out to us today. 

Does My Dog Need Training?

Even the best behaved, sweetest of dogs can benefit from training. Training is a great form of mental stimulation for your dog, which supports a healthy brain. Training can also be a fun challenge for your dog, as well as a way for your dog to socialize. Training can also create a bond between you and your pup—something that makes you feel more connected to one another. 

Training, of course, has very practical benefits that extend beyond the above advantages, too. For example, with training, you can improve the chances that your pup will listen to you when commanded, something that could be essential in certain situations. For example, coming when called when there is a danger present (such as a vehicle) is absolutely key. Training can also help to prevent bad behaviors that are financially costly for you, too, such as chewing on the furniture or having accidents inside of the home. 

Ages and Breeds We Work With

We work with young puppies and younger dogs. In fact, for some of our training programs, such as our service dog training program, we require that pups be a little bit older; we won’t take young puppies for these programs. We primarily work with doodle and retriever breeds. Our methods are designed with these dogs’ personalities in mind and, because we work with these breeds specifically, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

What Will My Dog Learn?

In our basic training programs, which are offered in increments of 10 days, four weeks, or eight weeks, your pup will learn all of the basics of commands and good behavior. In terms of commands, they will learn sit, stay, come, place, down, and leave it; for behaviors, we’ll teach them how to appropriately walk on a leash, not to jump when meeting new people, not to counter surf, where to go the bathroom, to learn to love their crate, and not to bark. 

Which Training Program Should I Choose?

The length of the training program that you choose should be based on your needs and your goals for your pup. For many people, the 10-day program is a great foundational start, especially when they have more time to work with their pup once they return home. If you want to teach behaviors that will last for life, or if you’re thinking about eventually enrolling your puppy in the service, therapy, or emotional support dog training program, you may want to consider the four- or eight-week program. 

Call Happy Pup Manor Today to Learn More

To learn more about our dog training programs and what to expect, please call us today. Dog training, Deerfield, may be one of the best investments you make. Reach out now to learn more.