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Dog Obedience Classes Evanston

Dog Obedience Classes Evanston

Unlock the potential of a harmonious relationship with your canine companion through our comprehensive Evanston dog obedience classes. At Happy Pup Manor, our expert instructors are passionate about helping you and your pup communicate effectively, ensuring a lifetime of loyalty and mutual respect. Whether your furry friend is a young pup eager to learn or an older dog needing behavioral refinement, our classes offer the perfect blend of structure, fun, and positive reinforcement tailored to each dog’s unique personality and needs. 

Tailored Training in a Luxurious Home Setting

Our unique home-based training at Happy Pup Manor doesn’t just correct behaviors; it nurtures your dog’s spirit. We deliver breed-tailored training developed with a deep understanding of your pup’s inherent traits and tendencies. This allows us to cultivate good habits and address any naughty behaviors like jumping or mouthing before they become a problem.

A Variety of Programs for Every Dog’s Needs

  • 10-Day Program: Establish a solid foundation of manners for any pup under two years old.
  • 4-Week Program: Ideal for puppies, families interested in therapy training, or those starting the journey toward becoming a service dog.
  • 8-Week Program: Perfect for the pup to stay through the crucial housetraining phase and set the stage for a lifetime of good behavior.

We also offer extended programs tailored to specific training goals. Reach out today to discuss which would serve your furry friend best.

A Historic Luxe Experience Awaits Your Furry Friend

Our manor is not just a place for excellent training; it’s a place where your dog will experience luxury living. With over 5 acres of securely fenced yards and our 6000 sq ft Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. home, your puppy will live in the utmost comfort and style.

Happy Pup’s trainers, including our owner and lead trainer, Gabby, are certified professionals belonging to esteemed associations like The Association of Professional Dog Trainers and The International Association of Canine Professionals.

Why Choose Happy Pup Manor for Your Dog?

  • Personalized Attention: Individual and group training sessions are designed to meet each pup’s unique needs.
  • Exclusive Boarding Experience: Supervised playtime in our spacious yard and home, fostering a nurturing environment.
  • Accessibility: Our complimentary chauffeur service within the Chicagoland area makes it convenient for you.

Happy Pup Manor is dedicated to delivering personalized, engaging training that understands and celebrates your dog’s personality. Whether your pup aspires to be a delightful companion or a certified therapy dog, we provide the perfect behavioral foundation for your four-legged friend’s journey.

Get In Touch and Register Now

If you’re ready to give your furry friend the exceptional training, love, and attention they truly deserve, Happy Pup Manor is the perfect place for you. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team of dog enthusiasts are dedicated to providing the utmost care and support for your beloved pup. Contact us today to set up an appointment and take the first step towards creating a delightful experience for your canine companion. We can’t wait to warmly welcome your pup to the manor, where they’ll be cherished like a true member of our family.