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Dog Kenneling Northbrook

Leaving your furry friend for any amount of time is difficult, but the team at Happy Pup Manor makes it just a little easier. We offer luxuries dog kenneling near Northbrook that is sure to make even the humans of your family jealous. With 5-acres of fenced-in yard and so much more, your pup will hardly have time to miss you! Contact us today to schedule your dog kenneling near Northbrook.

Only the Best for Your Furry Friend

Happy Pup Manor delivers a unique kenneling experience as your puppy stays in our 5,000 square-foot family home. This allows your pup to sleep and play in an environment similar to their own home and eases any discomfort they may have. Puppies that stay at the Manor for dog kenneling near Northbrook are treated as members of our family and are provided with plenty of cuddles, love, and attention throughout their stay. Plus, since we only welcome doodles, retrievers, and other small breeds into our home, your pup will be surrounded by like-tempered friends that have similar playstyles!

The Happy Pup Manor Experience

From the time your pup wakes up to the time they settle into their kennel, they are surrounded by our dedicated and loving team of pup professionals. All puppies that stay with us sleep on the ground level of the Manner in their own kennel. Kennels are refreshed every morning while your pup is enjoying outdoor playtime and breakfast. We provide plenty of play options for your pup, from frolicking to exploring our safe, pup-friendly 5-acre yard.

We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why we offer complimentary chauffeur services for each pup partaking in our dog kenneling near Northbrook. Puppies that live in the Chicagoland area are safely picked up and dropped off by a member of our staff. Before returning home, though, they will enjoy a luxurious bath to ensure they are nice and clean and ready for plenty of family snuggle time.

We know that each pup is different and that some require special attention. Let our team know when signing your pup up for our boarding program if that is the case. Special dietary requirements and medication schedules are followed to ensure your pup stays happy and healthy while at the Manor. All of this information, including medication instructions, can be added when registering your pup.

Leave Your Pup in Our Capable Hands

We know how special your puppy is to your family; that’s why Happy Pup Manor offers luxurious dog kenneling near Northbrook. From unconditional love from our team to plenty of supervised playtime, your pup will be living the lap of puppy luxury when they stay with us. If you are interested in signing your puppy up for boarding at the Manor, call our lead trainer Gabby. She is more than happy to walk you through the boarding experience and provide you with the information you need when registering your pup.