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Dog Kenneling Evanston

For most pet owners, going out of town—even for a single night—can induce stress in person and pup alike. However, not traveling isn’t the best option, either, and bridging Fido along for the trip isn’t always possible. At Happy Pup Manor, we provide services for dog kenneling, Evanston, that you can trust and that both you and your pup will feel good about. If you’ve been looking for a trusted dog boarding service near you, look no further than Happy Pup Manor. 

Our Dog Kenneling Facilities

We provide dog kenneling services in a superior facility that is designed with four-legged friends in mind. When your pup stays with us, they’ll have a lot to look forward to, including—

  • Access to our huge manor. We keep our manor open so that pups can play and explore. We have more than 5,000 square feet of space that’s open to pups.
  • Lots of acreage for running. Not only will pups have access to our large manor, but they’ll also be able to take advantage of our huge, five-acre fenced yard. For pups with energy who love to play, this is a great amenity.

What to Expect from Happy Pup Manor

We think that pet parents will love our dog kenneling services near Evanston too, as we strive to keep things comfortable and convenient for humans as well. Things that you can count on from us include: 

  • Great care of your pup. Our staff and trainers are great with dogs and love what they do. We will make sure to follow any dietary and medication needs your pup has, feed pups in separate spaces, and provide plenty of playtime and bathroom breaks. 
  • Lots of love and attention. We know that being away from home can be hard for a dog, which is why our trainers will be prepared to give all of the love and attention your pup needs, cuddles and kisses included.
  • Regular check-ins and photos for you. If you get anxious about leaving your pup in a new place, don’t worry! Our staff will provide you with regular updates and can send photos at your request. 
  • Chauffeur services + bath for Fido. We provide both pick-up and drop-off services so you never have to worry about any travel inconvenience. We also will provide a bath and blowdry for your pup before returning them home. 

Learn More About Dog Kenneling Evanston Today

To learn more about dog kenneling Evanston and the boarding services provided by Happy Pup Manor, please feel free to reach out to us directly at your convenience. We love the pups we work with and are happy to answer any questions you have about our facilities or services.