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If you have a doodle or a retriever as a part of your family, then you know how loving, energetic, and sweet these dogs are. While you may never want to be apart, the reality is that work, family, and vacation all beckon. If you’re planning a trip where Fido can’t come, checking your four-legged family member into a dog hotel Deerfield can be a comfort to both of you. At Happy Pup Manor, our luxury dog hotel provides a superior boarding experience that everyone will feel good about. Call us today to learn more about making a reservation. 

Why Board Your Dog?

Boarding your dog is a win-win for everyone. Boarding your pup can yield the following benefits:

  • Playtime—Opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs and humans, improving their socialization skills
  • Easy for you—at Happy Pup Manor, we can pick up and drop off your pup, taking the headache out of the logistics
  • Lots of attention—unlike a standard kennel or just calling a dog sitter, when you board your pup at Happy Pup Manor, you know they’ll be getting lots of playtime, exercise, and attention
  • Opportunities for enhanced learning—we offer dog training services and more.

Boarding your dog is an easy way to ensure that your pup is taking care of and you have the stress-free vacation you deserve. By returning to the same dog hotel time and time again, your pup will begin to associate you leaving with positive things, instead of the stress that can come from separation anxiety. 

What to Expect at Our Deerfield Dog Hotel

We provide a superior facility and staff for the purpose of increasing your pup’s comfort and your peace of mind. Things that you and your pup can look forward to include: 

  • Huge manor. Our manor is huge, offering over 5,000 square feet of room for exploration and playing. Pups’ kennels are kept on the lower level, and dogs will sleep and eat in their own private areas. 
  • Plenty of play space. Not only is our manor huge, but so is the land on which it sits. In fact, we have five acres of fenced yard where your pup can run to their heart’s content.
  • Structured meal and playtimes. By maintaining structure, we help to encourage good behavior and make pups feel more comfortable staying with us. We do meal times at the same time every day, potty breaks around the same time and right before bed, and have time set aside for playing. 
  • Similar breeds. We primarily work with doodles and retrievers. By specializing in these two breeds, we are able to offer services and attention that are breed-specific and are targeted to these breeds’ temperaments. 
  • Expert staff and trainers. Our staff and our trainers are all extremely experienced and know how to interact with animals and get results in training sessions. 

Make Your Reservation at Happy Pup Manor Today

To learn more about making a reservation at our dog hotel Deerfield, reach out to us by phone or online at your convenience. We look forward to seeing your pup!