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Dog Hotel Barrington

Leaving your loved ones is hard; it’s even more challenging when the loved one is your puppy! When your pup stays at our dog hotel in Barrington, you’ll have nothing to worry about, though! Happy Pup Manor is proud to offer five-star amenities to each and every furry visitor that comes and stays in our home. So if you’re leaving for a weekend getaway, a business trip, or extended vacation, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to have your pup stays with us!

Luxury Dog Hotel Near Barrington

As pup owners ourselves, we know how important it is that your puppy is well taken care of when they’re without you. At our dog hotel in Barrington, you can rest easy knowing that your family member is very well cared for. The Manor specializes in a small selection of breeds, including Doodles and Retrievers, meaning your pup will be surrounded by friends who have similar play styles and personalities. This allows the puppies to feel more relaxed and comfortable while away from home and safely have fun while playing.

Our luxury dog hotel near Barrington is located in our 6,500 square foot, two-story family home – with a full-fenced, 5-acre backyard. Your dog will have ample opportunities to enjoy the amenities of our hotel, and even more, chances to get all the snuggles and love from our highly-trained caregivers. 

We Keep You Updated To Put Your Mind At Ease

We know it’s challenging to be away from your precious pup. That’s why, through the duration of their stay at our dog hotel in Barrington, we will send you updates on your puppy enjoying their time with their new friends! You’ll get to witness firsthand just how much fun your pup is having and may even get a little jealous of all the pampering they’re undergoing! 

What We Need From You

We don’t ask for much when your puppy stays at our dog hotel in Barrington. That being said, we do have just a few requirements we ask that you meet before your pup checking for their stay!

  • Let us know if your pup has any health concerns or issues. We’re more than happy to accommodate your puppy as much as we can!
  • Pack just enough food for your pup’s stay. We don’t want to upset any puppy tummies, so we always ask that you send your pup’s favorite food with them.
  • Please send and label all medications and include administration directions. We don’t want your pup to miss a dose of essential medicines, so please send only the required amount of medication with your puppy!

Book a Spot at Our Dog Hotel in Barrington Today!

Don’t leave your puppy with just any boarder. Get in touch with Happy Pup Manor now to learn more about our luxurious dog hotel in Barrington and book your pup’s spot today. You can call Gabby or schedule an appointment to speak with her at a convenient time for you.