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Dog Boarding Park Ridge

Are you planning a family vacation but hate the idea of leaving Fido? Do you need to go on an overnight work trip, but aren’t sure where your four-legged friend will stay while you’re away? At Happy Pup Manor, we put all of your dog boarding worries to rest with competitively priced, excellent dog boarding services. To learn more about dog boarding, Park Ridge, at Happy Pup Manor, call us directly today.

What Does Dog Boarding at Happy Pup Manor Look Like?

The first thing that you should know about boarding your pup with us is that our name is no misnomer—we really do offer a large manor for your pup to stay in! In fact, our manor is over 5,000 square feet in size, providing plenty of room for playing and exploring

When your pup stays with us, they’ll start their morning early with a supervised outing and playtime. As they play, our staff will clean and refresh crates, fill waters, and get breakfast ready. Then, it’s time to eat! We ask that you bring your pup’s food in a disposable bag, and provide us with any medications that your pup needs to take. We can accommodate raw diets.

After breakfast, it’s time for more playtime! We have a fenced yard that spans five acres in size—plenty of room for running, playing, and exploring. Dogs love this!

We keep the pups entertained up until dinner, which is between 4:30-5:00 PM—by this point, most pups are pretty wiped out and ready to relax for the evening. We’ll do one more short outing between 10:00 and 11:00 PM before it’s bedtime. Each pup sleeps in an individual crate in a custom-built room.

What Should I Know About Bringing My Pup to Happy Pup Manor for Dog Boarding in Park Ridge?

Before you come, we ask that you note the following:

  • We ask that your pup be vaccinated, and that you submit that vaccine record to us in advance. We cannot accept a pup who is not up to date on their current vaccinations.
  • We only board doodles, retrievers, and certain small-breed dogs. Please reach out to us directly about whether we’re able to accommodate your pup.
  • Our price is $82 per night. This includes pick-up, drop-off, and a bath before your pup is returned home to you.
  • Your pup only needs to bring their own food and any medications that they’ll need during their stay. We provide everything else, including crates, bedding, towels, and toys.
  • We’ll stay in touch with you throughout the duration of your pup’s stay. We are happy to send a video of a photo every couple of days so you know that your dog is having a great time and is being well taken care of.

Make Your Reservation at Happy Pup Manor Today

If you are in need of services for dog boarding, Park Ridge, don’t hesitate to work with our team at Happy Pup Manor. Making a reservation for your pup is easy! Just use our website to create a new registration. You can also call us directly.