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Chicagoland Top Dog Trainer

Chicagoland Top Dog Trainer

While bringing home a new pet is exciting, it can also be a lot of work. House training and teaching basic commands takes time, but help from a professional dog trainer can help simplify the process. If you’re looking for Chicagoland’s top dog trainers, look no further than Happy Pup Manor. We specialize in doodles, retrievers, and other smaller breeds, and know how to help these special pups with everything from learning how to “sit” to performing special tasks as a therapy dog or emotional support animal (ESA). You can discuss your training goals with our team before signing your dog up for classes.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Trainer

Training your dog is one of many ways to help them become a part of the family. A well-trained and socialized pup is easy to bring along to visit friends and family, take with you to the beach, or to go to the dog park with. Professional trainers know the best techniques to help encourage good behavior in your dog. With Happy Pup Manor’s luxury training and boarding services, your dog will also get the opportunity to play with other furry friends in our fully-fenced, 5-acre yard. 

An additional benefit to seeking professional training for your dog is the opportunity for socialization. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), obedience classes are an effective way to introduce your pup to new people and canines early, so they can become more confident dogs. Dogs who have been to obedience classes tend to be less nervous and even experience less separation anxiety than those who didn’t go to a professional for training.

Importance of Training for Family Pets

Even if you aren’t looking to bring your pup with you everywhere, basic obedience training still teaches them important skills for the home and interacting with others. Working with a professional will help teach consistency with behaviors like jumping and going potty outside. It can also help you learn to communicate what you’d like your dog to do. It’s important for your dog to understand what you mean when you say “sit,” or if you call them to “come.” 

Training and socializing your dog also helps for when you aren’t around. Dogs with separation anxiety can be prone to chewing, barking, and peeing in the house. Consequently, leaving an anxious dog home is bad for both you and your pup. While you might expect a little chewing in your dog’s early days at home, more severe separation anxiety can lead to more destructive behaviors. An especially distressed dog might injure themselves trying to chew or claw their way outside, and they can become ill from eating things that they shouldn’t.

Obedience Classes With Happy Pup Manor

Training your new puppy when you bring them home is a crucial part of helping them acclimate and become a part of the family. At Happy Pup Manor, our team of experts is happy to help your pup grow into the best version of themselves. To learn more about our top Chicagoland dog training services, contact us today.