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Chicagoland Dog Boarding

Chicagoland Dog Boarding

As much as we all love a good vacation, going out of town can often spell anxiety for the furry friends at home. Finding a reliable dog sitter or boarding facility can be stressful. At Happy Pup Manor, we want to ease some of that stress with our Chicagoland luxury dog training and boarding services. Your pup will love our home-based boarding experience. With 5 acres of outdoor playspace, it will be like going on a vacation of their own! 

Why Choose Boarding?

While it can be tempting to try and bring your dog with you on vacation, the practicalities of traveling and risk of losing your friend in an unfamiliar place mean that it’s usually safer to arrange boarding accommodations. While we understand that boarding your pup even for a short time can be a difficult decision, we take the responsibility of caring for your furry family members seriously. At Happy Pup Manor, we want to make boarding your dog as stress-free as possible, so we even provide complimentary chauffeur services for customers in the Chicagoland area.

Getting Your Pup Ready for Vacation

Before bringing your dog in for their stay, there are a few steps you’ll need to take. If your dog has any special food or medication, make sure to pack it to make their stay as comfortable as possible. For many dogs, a sudden change in diet can lead to an upset stomach. Just like when you leave your human children, the AKC recommends providing emergency contact information just in case we need to get in touch with someone back home. 

Getting your pup ready for boarding is all about making sure they’re comfortable for their stay. If your dog has any special toys or blankets, you can pack those. You’ll also want to get in contact with us about vaccination requirements, minimum stay requirements, or any other needs your pup might have. 

Accommodations for Doodles, Retrievers, & Smaller Breeds

At Happy Pup Manor, we specialize in working with Doodles, Retrievers, and other smaller breeds to make your pup’s stay as fun and productive as possible. They’ll be able to play and explore with lots of friends with similar personalities. Our trainers are experienced in working with these special dogs, and we understand their unique behaviors and needs. 

An average day at Happy Pup Manor is full of fun and lots of opportunities to play indoors and out. We feed pups twice a day and allow them to play outside while we refresh sleeping quarters in the morning. They have plenty of opportunities to take potty breaks throughout the day, before going to sleep in their individual crates at the end of the night. 

Booking a Stay at Happy Pup Manor

Going out of town and leaving your furry friend behind can be a big decision, but finding the right boarding location will take the stress out of your trip. For your next vacation, treat your dog to a stay at Happy Pup Manor’s luxury dog hotel in the Chicagoland area. To learn more or book a stay for your pup, contact us today.