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While having a dog is a wonderful thing, when it comes time to take a trip, finding the perfect dog sitter can be a source of anxiety. At Happy Pup Manor, we want your vacations and work trips to be enjoyable, not stressful. To accommodate this, our Chicago dog hotel offers trustworthy and unparalleled dog boarding services. To learn more about boarding your pup at our Chicago dog hotel and what to expect, reach out to us by phone or online to get started. 

Who Can Stay at Our Chicago Dog Hotel?

While we love all four-legged creatures, we do have some restrictions about which dogs can stay at our Chicago dog hotel. If you have any questions about these limitations or anything else, please reach out to us directly. 

  • Doodles and retrievers. We specialize in doodles, retrievers, and small breed dogs. By only accepting these dogs into our dog hotel, we are able to better predict personalities and behaviors and create a setting that works best for these pups. Unfortunately, we only accept doodles and retrievers for our boarding services. 
  • Dogs with updated vaccination records. If your puppy is too young to be vaccinated or doesn’t have an up-to-date vaccination record, they unfortunately cannot stay with us. We require pups to be fully vaccinated for the purpose of keeping everyone safe. 
  • Friendly pups. While we know that all dogs are unique and some may have experienced past traumas that have made them fearful or aggressive now, we unfortunately cannot accept any aggressive dogs. Again, this is for the safety and wellbeing of everyone, including our staff, trainers, and other pups staying at our home. 

Services and Costs

Our dog boarding services are unprecedented and go beyond the scope of what you might expect at a standard dog hotel. 

  • Complimentary chauffeur services. To keep things easy for everyone, we offer complimentary drop-off and pick-up services as part of our dog hotel experience. 
  • Complimentary grooming services. Before your four-legged family member returns home, we’ll make sure that they get bathed and brushed so that they’re returned clean and ready for cuddles.
  • About our property. We host dogs in our 6,500-square-foot manor that’s located upon five acres of fenced yard—this means there is an abundant amount of space for running and playing.
  • Exercise, meal times, and more. We make sure that your pup gets plenty of exercise (as well as love and affection), meals during scheduled times, and we can even offer training while they stay with us, too.

Reach Out to Us to Book with Our Chicago Dog Hotel Today

If you’ve been looking for a trusted place for dog boarding near you, look no further than our Chicago dog hotel. Dogs love staying with us, and their owners are just as happy as they are. To make a reservation today, reach out to us by phone or online.