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Best Puppy Trainer Grayslake

Best Puppy Trainer Grayslake

Bringing a new puppy into the family is always an exciting event, but there can be a lot to consider before you welcome your new furry friend. Hiring a professional trainer for your pup can take the stress out of house training and make basic commands a cinch. Even for experienced dog owners, there are plenty of benefits to taking your pup to a trainer. With Happy Pup Manor’s expert dog training services near Grayslake, you can help your pup put their best paw forward in getting to know new friends by socializing with other dogs and learning the ropes of a household with our live-in trainers. 

Importance of Socializing New Puppies

According to the AKC, not only are the early months of a puppy’s life critical to their learning and development, but they’re crucial for socialization. Not only should puppies learn that humans are their friends, but they should encounter as many new people and dogs as possible. Proper socialization will help them develop the confidence that allows them to flourish as adult dogs and steadfast companions. 

By bringing your puppy to training classes, they get the opportunity to meet all sorts of new dogs. At Happy Pup Manor, we specialize in training Doodles, Retrievers, and smaller breeds so you know that they’ll find plenty of friends with similar personalities and playstyles. Not all puppy training classes are created equal, and choosing one where your pup gets a chance to meet and play with other dogs will ensure that they get plenty of opportunity to socialize and grow into their best selves. 

Professional Obedience Training

Not only does professional training provide the opportunity for crucial socialization, but it can help your puppy learn a range of household manners and basic commands. Professional trainers have the expertise to help even the most experienced dog owners refine their pup’s training. Experts interviewed by The New York Time’s Wirecutter say that consulting an expert can “help build [your dog’s] resilience and create a relationship more quickly,” and provide advice for dogs who are experiencing behavior issues. 

Happy Pup Manor offers training and boarding services that will help acclimate your pup to life in the household, from learning to go outside to potty to behavior around furniture or in the kitchen. Our basic training course lasts 10 days, but we can work with your pup for longer to meet specific goals. If you are hoping to train your furry friend to take on a special role, such as Emotional Support or Service Dog training, you can discuss this with the owner, Gabby, when signing up.

Luxury Training and Boarding with Happy Pup Manor

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or planning to bring home your first pup, the services of an expert can help make puppy training a breeze. Happy Pup Manor’s live-in training programs will allow your new puppy to socialize with other Doodles, Retrievers and smaller breeds, all while learning how to behave in a household. To schedule an appointment at our location in Grayslake, contact us today.