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Best Northbrook Dog Training 

Best Northbrook Dog Training

Whether you just welcomed a brand new member to the family or have been a pet parent for a few months now, investing in dog training can have long-term benefits. At Happy Pup Manor, we specialize in dog training and are regarded as a top choice for the best Northbrook dog training. If you’ve been looking for a dog trainer that you can trust to get results, call Happy Pup Manor directly today. 

Why Invest in Northbrook Dog Training?

Dog training is something that can yield positive benefits for years and won’t be something that you regret. Investing in training early on in a pup’s life is best—as dogs get older, they can become more difficult to train and may already have numerous bad habits. There is nothing worse than having a pup you can’t trust. With Northbrook dog training, though, you’ll feel much more trusting in your pup and more comfortable with them, both inside and outside of the home. This can strengthen the bond that you have together and reduce stress. 

What to Expect from Our Northbrook Dog Training Programs

When you choose Happy Pup Manor for Northbrook puppy training, you can expect your puppy to learn basic commands such as:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Place
  • Leave it

In addition to commands that can make a big difference in how your dog behaves and responds to you, you can also expect your dog to learn good behaviors and manners. We work to correct behaviors like puppy mouthiness, biting, chewing, counter surfing, jumping, and barking. 

Program Lengths & Other Frequently Asked Questions

We maintain different program lengths for different needs. Our foundational program is 10 days. This program is great for dogs who just need to learn the basics. We also host four- and eight-week training programs, which are ideal for owners who want their dogs to develop good behaviors for life or who are interested in enrolling their pups in a service or therapy dog training course. Frequently asked questions we hear include:

  • What types of breeds do you work with? We primarily work with doodles and retrievers. Focusing on limited breed types allows us to focus on practices that work best for these pooches.
  • How old does my puppy have to be for training? The ideal time to start training a puppy is 12 weeks. While no dog is too old to be trained, we only train dogs up to age three at our manor.
  • Will my pup be boarded during training? Yes, our training program requires that your pup lives at our home during the duration of the training program. We’ll send you videos during the duration of their stay and keep you updated on their progress. 

How to Learn More About Northbrook Dog Training Today

If you’re looking for the best Northbrook dog training program for your four-legged family member, call Happy Pup Manor directly today. We offer superior dog training services and have a reputation for excellence. Call today to learn more about how we can help.