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Best Lincoln Park Dog Hotel

Best Lincoln Park Dog Hotel

Finding a place for Fido to stay when you’re out of town isn’t always easy. Even if you have a trusted sitter or family member, you don’t always know if they’ll be available. Rather than driving yourself crazy trying to find the perfect pup sitter, consider Happy Pup Manor. Happy Pup Manor is considered to be one of the best Lincoln Park dog hotels around. To make your reservation today or learn more about our dog boarding services, call us directly today.

Our Lincoln Park Dog Hotel

When your pup stays at our Lincoln Park dog hotel, they’re in for a vacation that’s pretty luxurious! A stay at our place means the following:

  • Five acres of fenced yard. Our manor sits on a full five acres of fenced yard that are perfect for playing, running, and exploring—we accommodate even the most adventurous pup! 
  • Huge indoor exploration space. In addition to our outdoor activities, our manor features over 5,000 square feet of dog-friendly living space that’s open to exploration. 

We Accommodate You

Not only do we make sure that your dog has everything they need for a comfortable stay at our dog hotel, but we also do everything we can do to accommodate you, too. This means that we offer complimentary chauffeur services as part of our boarding fee and will pick up and drop off your pup at your home. We also always bathe and brush dogs before returning them home, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the grunge of a weekend full of playtime. We can also accommodate special diets, including raw diets for pups. If your pup is on any medication, we’re happy to administer it as long as we receive proper instructions. We’ll send photos and videos of your pup to you during their stay with us. 

Our Staff Loves the Dogs Here!

We are fortunate enough to be able to specialize in doodle and retriever breeds, which has allowed us to approach our work in a very breed-specific and effective manner. When your pup stays with us, they’ll be around dogs with similar temperaments and staff and trainers who are well-equipped to handle any situation. Most importantly, in addition to lots of playtime, your pup will also get affection and love from our team.

Schedule Your Reservation at Our Lincoln Park Dog Hotel Today

At Happy Pup Manor, we are passionate about providing high-quality, trusted care for dogs and their owners in Lincoln Park and throughout the surrounding areas. If you have been looking for the best Lincoln Park dog hotel, look no further than our manor. Reservations fill up quickly, so we recommend booking as soon as your travel plans are set in stone. To learn more or to make your reservation, reach out to us directly online or by phone.