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Best Dog Hotel Northbrook

For most dog parents throughout Northbrook and the surrounding areas, the idea of not having a dog is unthinkable. Dogs add color and joy to our lives and for many, the family dog is another member of the family. Which is why leaving for a vacation or a work trip where Fido can’t come can be challenging to plan for and execute. Fortunately, there’s a solution: dog boarding with Happy Pup Manor. At Happy Pup Manor, we have a reputation as the best dog hotel Northbrook and always deliver five-star service to our guests. Reach out to us today to learn more about our dog boarding program and how to make a reservation for your pup today. 

Our Manor

When your dog stays at our dog hotel, they will enjoy luxury accommodations and services that can’t be compared to any other dog boarding experience in the area. Here’s what to look forward to:

  • Huge manor. When pups stay with us, they will have access to our huge manor that provides over 5,000 square feet of space for exploration and adventure. During the day, they are welcome to explore as much as they’d like; overnight, each pup will sleep in their own crate. 
  • Acres of yard for exploration. In addition to a huge manor, our home sits on five acres of fenced yard that are perfect for playing and running. We promise you this: your dog will return home tired!
  • Cuddles and love. We know that it’s very important that your puppy gets lots of love and attention when they’re away from home, and our trainers are more than happy to provide all of the affection they need! 
  • Lots of other doodles and retrievers. We specialize in working with doodle and retriever breeds. Your pup will be surrounded by other dogs with similar temperaments, leading to lots of fun playtime. We repeat: they will come home tired! 
  • Chauffeur services. To make choosing our dog hotel easy, we offer complimentary chauffeur services. We’ll even give your pup a bath before bringing them back home. 

In addition to our dog hotel services, we also offer puppy training, service dog training, emotional support dog training, and therapy dog training. If you’re planning a long vacation, it may make sense to enroll your pup in a training program at the same time!

Call Us Today to Learn More

We’re ranked as the best dog hotel Northbrook because of the exceptional facilities we maintain and the first-class treatment we provide our guests. To learn more about our dog hotel and the services we provide, as well as requirements for staying with us, reach out to us directly by phone or online. You can also register your pup on your website directly if you’re ready to make your reservation!