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Bringing Your New Puppy Home: Containment

Bringing Your New Puppy Home: Containment

Bringing Your New Puppy Home: Containment

Bringing a new puppy home can be very exhilarating and also nerve wracking at the same time. Here are some tips on Containment.


It is very important to have a place where your puppy can be safe. You do not want them eating something they shouldn’t or chewing on something that doesn’t belong to them. Also containing them helps your puppy get on the right track for potty training.

  • Crate It is important to give your puppy to be comfortable in a secure place to stay and sleep. Crate training encourages quick potty training habits.
  • Crate Pad While in the crate, let your puppy sleep on an inexpensive pad or an old towel.
  • Clearly Loved Pets Pen  These are great indoor pens if you plan on keep containment long term. It is durable and easy to see what your puppy is doing.
  • Plastic Play Pens are great keeping a puppy out of trouble in the rest of the house. I prefer a plastic pen to a wire pen because they don’t scratch hardwood floors and keep their shape better.
  • Free Standing Baby Gate If you have a large doorway or simply don’t want to attach a baby gate to the wall, these free standing gates are great to keep a puppy in the main part of the house.
  • Baby gate for a doorway. If you have very important rooms in the house or don’t want your puppy to travel upstairs unexpectedly, these gates are tremendously helpful.  
  • SpotOn Collar This is an electric fence collar that works off GPS. There is no need for installation. If you have a lake house, move,  or go to a friend’s house, you simply take the collar with you and set a new GPS boundary for your pup.
  • Car seat belt, sleepy pod. Traveling with pups without being secured is dangerous. This company crash tests all their products to ensure their safety and durability in a car accident.  Small Dog found here or Large dog found here.
  • Indoor Dog electric barrier If you have rooms that you absolutely do not want your puppy to get into and don’t want to put up a gate, this is the solution for you. It is an indoor electric fence.

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