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8 Tools For a Perfect Happy Pup Manor Bath

8 Tools For a Perfect Happy Pup Manor Bath

8 Tools For a Perfect Happy Pup Manor Bath

Dirty Paws? Matted Fur? Stinky Breath? Oh my! 

Knowing how to bathe your puppy or dog at home is one thing you must know and be prepared for as a fur parent. While regular trips to the groomer every few weeks are great, there will be times when you may need to give your dog a bath. You can’t predict when your pup might get into a messy situation and can’t go to the groomer’s immediately. 

Fear not! Check out our favorite tools to give your pup the perfect Happy Pup Manor Bath:

Sprayer or Hose Attachment

Tools for a BathA sprayer or hose attachment is a great way to control the water flow so your puppy won’t get water-shocked with too much water. Since you will be able to control the water flow effectively, you can rinse the shampoo off your dog’s fur thoroughly. Make sure that the water temperature is comfortable for your dog. Start getting his fur wet from the neck and work your way down. Ensure the entire body, including the legs and tail, is wet before applying shampoo. 

We love the Pup Jet Dog Wash Hose Attachment, which has a soap dispenser bottle and grooming brush to make doggie bath time much easier. The sprinkle head attachment has different spray patterns as you rotate the head, including a soft shower nozzle for puppy bath time. You can also set the nozzle to foam, which will automatically dispense the shampoo for more efficient shampooing. 

Dog Shampoo 

Tools for a BathAlways choose a mild shampoo tailored to your puppy’s skin and coat type and other conditions like flea and tick control. Make sure to apply the shampoo according to the instructions–not too much or too little—so you can truly remove the dirt and dust buildup on the fur while taking your time to massage it all the way to the skin. For puppies with sensitive skin where you need to dilute the shampoo, mix the right amount in a separate water or spray bottle before starting your puppy’s bath. 

Nature’s Choice Dirty Dog Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo that effectively cleans your dog’s fur without causing irritation. We love how it easily removes dirt and grease from the fur while making it shiny and soft. If your dog is prone to matted fur, this shampoo is great for removing matted fur and removing unpleasant odors! 

Washcloth or Bath Brush

Tools for a BathAvoiding their eyes and ears when shampooing your dog’s fur is important. If you are new to bathing your dog, the safest way is to use a soft washcloth or sponge, especially when washing around the head. This way, you won’t let shampoo get in the eyes or ears, which can greatly hurt your dog. You can pour a small amount of shampoo either on your dog’s back or the brush, then gently massage it in circular motions to lather the shampoo to the skin. 

You can use a simple washcloth you have at home or a Dog Grooming Bath Brush, which makes shampooing much easier. We prefer the soft silicon bristle brushes, which make removing dirt effortless. They also feature a non-slip grip in an ergonomic shape, so they won’t slip off your hands during bath time. 

Dog Toothbrush

Tools for a BathPart of your pup’s bath time is ensuring his teeth are clean. Regularly cleaning their teeth and tongue ensures that their breath won’t stink and dental problems can be avoided. It is important that you choose a brush that is durable and appropriate to your dog’s size so brushing their teeth won’t be hard. 

We love using a doggy dental kit that comes with an angled toothbrush to make it easier to reach all those teeth at the back and a finger brush that makes it easier to remove plaque and debris. Finger brushes are also great for smaller pups who still have tiny teeth! 


Tools for a BathPrepare at least two towels for drying your dog after his bath time. If your dog has a thicker coat, you might need more towels, so prepare extras just in case. Ensure the towels are clean and large enough to fully cover the dog, as it might feel a bit cold once it gets out of the bath. Use your second towel to gently pat your dog’s fur to help remove excess water. 

Dog Brush and Detangling Spray 

Tools for a BathSelect the right brush based on your puppy’s breed and coat type. A slicker brush or comb would be a great choice for long-haired dogs. On the other hand, you can use a bristle brush for short-haired dogs. Another thing to consider is if your dog has a double coat since you would also need an undercoat rake or de-shedding tool. You can use the dog brush before and after your pup’s bath to ensure that tangles and shed fur are combed out. Be very careful and gentle when brushing your dog’s coat, especially for those who have fur and skin sensitivities. 

If your puppy’s coat is prone to matting, a detangling spray would be a great option. This will make hair brushing faster while also making the experience pleasurable for your pup, as it won’t get hurt from the tugging and pulling of knotted hair. The Doodle Grooming Kit is a great choice since it already has a brush and comes with a detangling spray, brush, and self-rinse spray, which helps clean dirty spots on your puppy’s fur. 

Blow Dryer 

Tools for a BathAfter bathing and towel-drying, some thick-coated dogs might need extra help to dry their fur further. If the weather is warm and sunny, you can let them go outside and air dry in a secure area. Otherwise, you can opt for a dog grooming blow dryer that can effectively help dry their fur quickly and easily. This is especially helpful during chill weather or if your dog has a thick coat that takes a long time to dry. Make sure to double-check the settings of the blow dryer before using it on your pup so you can check that the heat setting is just right. 

Once you have the right heat setting, keep the blow dryer at the right distance and continuously move it around so the heat is evenly distributed and will not cause discomfort to your dog. Ensure you avoid areas like the face and ears, which can cause discomfort, and monitor your pup’s reactions throughout the drying process. If your dog is trying to move away or showing signs of stress like excessive panting, stop using the blow dryer immediately, as it might be too hot. 

Lick Pad 

Tools for a BathSome dogs and pups are uncomfortable with bath time, and the easiest way to distract them during your first few tries of home bathing is by using a lick pad. You can spread a thin layer of their peanut butter treat on the pad and stick it to the wall in front of your pup. Soon enough, they will look forward to their bath time, and you can take your time to give your dog his bath. 


Tips and Reminders

  • Brush your pup’s coat before bathing to remove loose dirt and hair.
  • Set up a suitable space for bathing your dog, ensuring the area is free from any hazards or items that could harm the dog.
  • Use warm water (not hot or cold) since dogs are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. 
  • You can put your small dog in a basin for bath time. For bigger dogs, you can put their leash and tie it on a stable bar to keep them in place 
  • Ensure you bathe your dog at least once a month to prevent matted fur and dirt buildup.
  • Be careful not to get water in your dog’s ears. 
  • If your dog resists bathing, try using a lick mat or their favorite toy to distract them.
  • The level of care required for your pup’s coat depends on their breed. Dogs with longer coats require frequent grooming since they are more prone to fur matting and skin infections.
  • Check your pup for any signs of discomfort. To calm and reassure your dog throughout the process, give it gentle petting and verbal praise. 
  • Home grooming allows you to inspect your pup’s skin and coat condition and helps you detect any issues early.
  • Keep a journal of any changes you have observed and share with your veterinarian and groomer.
Remember, doggy bath time is another chance to strengthen your bond, so make it a fun and relaxing activity. Don’t stress too much if your puppy is fussy at first—they will get used to it. What’s important is that you stay calm and enjoy getting wet as you give your dog or puppy the best and most loving bath right at home! 

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