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5 Special Ways to Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday

5 Special Ways to Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday

5 Special Ways to Celebrate Your Pup’s Birthday

While each day brings a new way to celebrate and make our pups feel special, there’s nothing quite like making them feel like the center of the universe by celebrating their birthday in a special way. From taking annual birthday pictures to adding an extra-special toy each year, there are countless ways to celebrate your pup’s special day. At Happy Pup Manor, we want your pup to feel like a million dollars on their birthday, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to celebrate your pup’s big day!

Take Them to Pick Out Their Own Special Gift

A trip to the pet store is typically an exciting day, but taking your pup on their birthday is an extra special treat. Let your pup wander the toy aisle and until they find a new squeaker, ball, or plushie that they absolutely adore. Sometimes we think we know exactly what our pups want, but it’s always great to give them options! Your local pet shop likely carries an array of pup-friendly cakes, frosted cookies, and other fun birthday treats that will make the trip that much sweeter. Helping them to pick out a treat at the store ensures that it’s 100% safe for them to eat and saves you the time of finding a recipe and whipping up your own puppy treats!

Get Them a Bark Box Subscription

Another great way to shower your pup in love, treats, and toys is by getting them a Bark Box subscription! Each month, a box full of themed treats arrives on your doorstep for your pup to enjoy. The process of signing up for the subscription is super easy. Enter your pup’s gender, name, size, breed, and birthday. The creators of Bark Box want to ensure that your pup can enjoy the treats they get in their box, so be sure to add if they have any dietary restrictions or allergies. Overall, the subscription is a great way to test out new products and bring in various toys and treats for your pup to enjoy!

Get Some Outdoor Time In

While you likely don’t need an excuse to take your pup on a walk or visit the local dog park, indulging in an extra-long walk or spending a little more time at the park is a great and healthy treat for your pup on their birthday. Take the scenic route on your favorite trail or allow your pup to run leash-free in the appropriate areas, and they will surely thank you with extra snuggles and kisses when you get home.

Play Their Favorite Game

Making sure your puppy has fun on their birthday is the most crucial part of the day. Take this time to play a game of fetch with their favorite ball or stick, or maybe get in a quick game of puppy Simone Says! Both games are a great way to practice the skills they learn in training while also spending some fun, quality time with you.

Host a Party!

Who doesn’t love a party? Getting your closest friends together and celebrating with treats and activities is one of the best ways to celebrate your puppy’s birthday! Invite your pup’s bed buds over for a day-long puppy playdate, complete with pup-themed party favors, puppy-friendly birthday treats, and, of course, treats for the human guests as well!

At Happy Pup Manor, puppies are what we know best. We offer an array of luxury pup services to fit your and your puppy’s needs from training to boarding. If you have questions regarding our training programs or would like to discuss boarding your pup, please contact Gabby, our head trainer, and Goldendoodle expert. We can’t wait to learn more about your special furry family member!

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