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5 Reasons to Choose Luxury Boarding Services for Your Puppy 

5 Reasons to Choose Luxury Boarding Services for Your Puppy 

5 Reasons to Choose Luxury Boarding Services for Your Puppy 

Whether you’re going out of town for vacation or work, knowing that your pup is well taken care of brings a lot of peace of mind. If you’re debating between luxury dog boarding or just calling a dog sitter, consider that luxury boarding services are regarded as the best. Here are five reasons to choose luxury boarding services for your puppy while you’re away:

1. Enhanced Socialization

One reason to choose pet boarding over a dog sitter is that at a luxury dog hotel, your pup will have plenty of time to play and interact with other dogs! Social development is really important for puppies, and spending time with other pups is one of the best ways to form healthy social habits early on. 

2. Certifications and Training

Another reason why a luxury boarding service is superior is that the trainers and staff at a luxury boarding location are more likely to have the proper certifications and training that are necessary for caring for pets. Staff will know about training, grooming, walking, socialization, feeding, and more. 

3. Safety

Dog boarding facilities are designed with your pet’s wellbeing and safety in mind. There’s a lot of space for socialization and exercise, as well as separate areas for individual eating and sleeping. If there are any hazards–such as rough play, potential illness, or aggressive behavior—staff will know how to spot and respond to these hazards early on, improving the chances of your puppy having a very safe stay. 

4. Cleanliness

Unfortunately, pet facilities aren’t always known for being clean. At a luxury pet boarding facility, on the other hand, cleanliness is a top priority. And at Happy Pup Manor, up-to-date vaccinations are required. 

5. Individualized Attention

When you choose a luxury boarding service for your pup, you can ensure that the facility will be well-staffed and prepared to manage multiple pups without neglecting anyone. At Happy Pup Manor, we make time to give each pup who stays at our facility plenty of love and attention—we love cuddles as much as the puppies do! We’ll also keep a close eye on your pup and send you videos and photos throughout their stay.

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To learn more about Happy Pup Manor and the services that we offer at our luxury boarding facility, reach out to our team directly or send us a message online. We offer both boarding and training services for puppies and dogs, and are passionate about what we do!

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